Thermal energy store plastics

The TITK has been conducting research into the production of polymer-bound, paraffin-based phase-change materials for more than five years now.

A special melt compounding technology now enables the TITK’s Rubitherm Compound GmbH subsidiary to produce polymer-based phase-change materials on a pilot scale (300 tonnes per year) in the form of granules, films, sheets, powders and in some cases even fibres, all of which have a high PCM loading. Corresponding polymer/paraffin compound materials contain up to 75wt% paraffins, which display the associated cold or heat storage capability in the temperature range of – 9 °C to 82 ºC. This enables them to be effectively utilised in the most diverse applications for climate and heat management.


Technical equipment

  • GALA underwater pelletising system with separation centrifuge
  • Paraffin  melt and dosage unit
  • Cooling and conveying system
  • PCM granule packaging line
  • Netzsch DSC instrument for polymer-paraffin compound quality control
  • 500-mm slot die for manufacturing PCM films/sheets
  • Cryomill for producing small sample amounts of PCM powders
  • Lab spinning unit (Fa.Randcastle) for producing small amounts of PCM monofilaments
  • Hot press for manufacturing PCM sheets
  • Injection moulding machines for manufacturing PCM injection-moulded structures (Battenfeld and ARBURG)